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AVCON Commercial Railing Systems | Safety Railings Manufacturer

safety railing systemsAVCON Railing Systems manufactures and installs custom commercial safety railings, handrails, and guardrails. AVCON is ‘made in the USA’ custom weather-resistant, code-compliant, structural railing systems for buildings, hotels/motels, municipalities, transit stations, parks, arenas, stadiums, railway stations, depots, and terminals. Client examples include Disney Theme Parks worldwide, NYC High Rise Buildings like ‘The Woolworth Building‘, the Asbury Park NJ Boardwalk, and the City Transit Authority of Cleveland.

AVCON also specializes in Stadium, Arena, and park bleacher seating refurbishment.

AVCON History | Custom Railing Systems Made in America

AVCON, like so many other companies, sprang from the notion that a better mousetrap was needed. It was an evolution from selling various building products to manufacturing just one. AVCON Railing Systems was a pioneer in the use of new and exciting technologies, new materials, and techniques in manufacturing.

Working through myriads of trials and having a constant desire for continued improvement was first applied to a series of specialty railing systems and over the years, to yet other products where our technologies had application. AVCON’s desire to “do it right” and give real value to our clientele continues unmatched. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring your vision to life.

It all started in the late 1980s, prior to the incorporation of AVCON. In 1991 it had become apparent a need existed. We desired to be the best at one thing, rather than mediocre at several. A new corporation was formed in April of 1991 to create an outdoor weatherable, code-compliant, structural railing system. While “plastics” were an emerging industry and touted as being “maintenance free” none existed at the time which could withstand harsh climates nor that could be strong enough to meet structural codes. New technology was needed. AVCON pioneered new materials and methods to accomplish just that.

For over 30 years AVCON still continues in its quest for ever-improving quality. It became apparent early on that our knowledge could be applied to other products. In addition to a multitude of railing systems and styles, AVCON extended its weathering and structural experience to include the refurbishment of stadium Bleachers. “Perma-Cap” allows the installation of a permanent specialty seat cover over wood or aluminum bleacher seats.

Pioneering Other Systems

AVCON’S experience with weatherable plastics in harsh environments and where large crowds can destroy less structurally sound systems led us to related products. One such product where our technology applies our experience is in the manufacturing of outdoor enclosures, most notably shower stalls, lockers, and cabanas. If not already, you are invited to visit our AVCON Enclosures website where examples demonstrate the difference AVCON’S goal of a better product is applied to another industry.

AVCON Quality & Character On Display | Custom Safety Railing Systems

Additionally, AVCON products are on display at both private and commercial facilities. From major entertainment parks such a Walt Disney and the American Dream, or towering structures like the Woolworth building in New York City, or any major hotel chain you can name, the benefits of AVCON is being experienced. Whether large or small, be it commercial or residential, AVCON offers the best return on investment available with any competitive product.

You can be assured, not only of the quality of AVCON Products but know too the trust and reputation AVCON has in the industry mean that you can equally trust the warranties AVCON places on its products and that AVCON will be here to handle any issues. Any warranty is only as good as the company behind it, so it does matter when you are contemplating a purchase. You can and should expect a company like AVCON, now in its fourth decade, would have the experience and be there for you when needed.

Longevity is only one facet of a company’s character. AVCON is proud that each of its departments can boast of personnel who have contributed to its longevity and a long list of satisfied customers. From our Management team, our Engineering Department, Sales, Plant management, Production and Shipping departments, AVCON has employees who have been with the company since inception. Some have accumulated 25 years, 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, etc., and growing.