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Conquering the Elements: AVCON Commercial Railing Systems Blends Beauty, Durability by Heather Beal, Blue Book Construction Network | Who's Who in Building & Construction Anyone who spends a brief time speaking with Larry Stanley can’t stop seeing railings: as roll bars on race cars at theme parks, as guardrails atop air traffic control towers, as the structure behind historic features on a landmark building—and in the usual places, too, running along boardwalks and pedestrian bridges, rimming hotel balconies, lining the stairways of multilevel water play structures or providing crowd control and serving a variety of functions at sports stadiums. Larry’s utter openness to

It's light and strong, beautiful and recyclable. And it won't cost you a fortune. It's strong --Aluminum profiles can be made as strong as needed for most applications. Cold-weather applications are particularly well-served by aluminum because, as temperatures fall, aluminum actually becomes stronger. It's recyclable -- Aluminum retains a high scrap value. It can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its superior characteristics. It's non-corrosive -- Aluminum does not rust. It's protected by its own naturally occurring oxide film, a protection that can be further enhanced by anodizing or other finishing techniques. It's lightweight -- Aluminum weighs less by volume than most other metals. In fact, it is about

For years one of the most problematic items of building maintenance has been the railing system used to protect its occupants. The condition of the railing is a major factor in the building's appearance and in potential liability. We have grown to accept the "fact" that railing must be constantly maintained and that corrosion was an ever present enemy. Therefore we searched for materials and systems that would postpone the inevitable replacement. Whether we are seeking which railing material to use in the design of a new building or replacing an existing system, several factors warrant consideration. First, and most basic,

When the largest oceangoing luxury liner of its time set sail to the open sea, the Titanic was believed by most to be constructed of the very finest materials available. It is now known that the steel used for its hull did not have the tensile strength to withstand an encounter with a large chunk of ice, that notorious iceberg. 1500 people paid dearly for that lack of technical knowledge. Steel is an indispensable, scientifically advanced product. We could not enjoy many of the modern conveniences and buildings that exist today. Steel is still widely used in ship construction despite the

As a professional, when you think of railing, what is the first image that comes to mind? If you are like most you think of metal, typically aluminum or steel. Especially is this so among those involved in the design of commercial or high use facilities and buildings. Railing is never really given much thought because it's considered a low tech item. How could you possibly improve on railing? While no single product can satisfy every need, there is a technology unknown to many designers and engineers that should be considered when seeking the best possible product for a facility. After